David Barnes (Course Leader)

I have been working as photographer and filmmaker for 25 years; during this time, I have focussed on developing long-term documentary projects alongside a busy career shooting for a range of magazines, charities, and other clients. I have also made several films for cinema and television, including a major BBC commission in 2019. I have been teaching on the Documentary Photography course since 2006. I live and breathe the course, and love working with photographers to develop their passions.

I got the bug for photography and DIY publishing making punk fanzines in school. I turned it into a career after several years working in engineering and major events production.

Working as a documentary photographer has been exciting and varied - I bring years of solid experience of multiple dimensions of the industry to my teaching.

My documentary work is focussed on communities in the south Wales valleys. Many of my early projects were focussed on youth culture, but recently I have turned my attention to quirky organisations such as the Loyal Order of Moose; a unique working-class organisation which I’ve had special access to. Making this project has included travelling to the USA.

I like to work slowly and collaboratively with the people that I photograph, and I love combining photography with film and collecting artifacts, in order to make elaborate and striking exhibitions.