Mezzanine Graduation Publication (2020)

MEZZANINE: the architectural and metaphorical in between. The idea of being in flux is a fitting device for considering the contex in which this book has been produced. Mezzanine is our love letter to an experience of growth and education in challenging times. Beginning with the uncertainty of the Brexit referendum, middling at the Conservative landslide in the 2019 Winter general election and continuing during the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

Some of the featured works engage with feelings of in-betweenness that individual or communities in various guises have been experiencing in these times. All of the projects are connected in their direct encounters with the world and made by authors who are passionate about the possibilities of representation. Mezzanine represents a diversity of opinions and voices from different walks of life that ultimately is the culmination of three year of education, mentorship and immersion in the photographic industry. Our graduate year has seen us develop our practice to the point of understanding where we might fit into that industry, as daunting and impenetrable as it sometimes seems.

This is our celebration of the journey we have undertaken together, and a collective thank you to all those who were part of it. With Mezzanine, we are signing off and preparing to step into the world with a feeling of hopefulness and determination.
- Daniel Harvey Gonzalez